Voice Roulette

Talk to strangers, maybe meet your next best internet friend

Voice Roulette is a place to talk to strangers and maybe meet your next new internet friend

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Feature request: This as a mobile app with Airpods pairing that beams random strangers into your ear throughout the day. This might be the best or worst idea.
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Thanks for hunting us @jakecrump Voice Roulette is a fun experiment, met some amazing people through it already! something magic about randomly connecting with strangers. We have some fun ideas to throw in around gaming. If you haven't tried it yet, jump in and give it a go – love any feedback! PS it works on mobile and desktop, better with headphones (especially on mobile).
I tested it and it's fun. Do you plan to launch Voice Roulette for teams and companies? I think it will help people to have better relationships at work.
@yesnoornext we have discussed groups, but this is interesting ⭐

we just tried it out and already had a great conversation - if you guys add a very basic chat possibility (for exchanging links / contact info) that would be great!

Another idea: to have it embeddable in extranets?

Thanks for this gem


easy going and fun, just try it out


needs to spread more