Adobe Voice

Tell better stories with animated videos

#4 Product of the DayMay 08, 2014
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At PlayHaven we spent thousands of $ on an animated "startup video" (back when all the cool kids were doing them). This looks like a decent (far cheaper, albeit less fancy) alternative.
Make an explainer video to share in minutes. Talk to tell your story, pick from tens of thousands of iconic images, and see it play with cinematic motion and music. Free on iPad. FWIW, @Pogue called it "one of the simplest, most creative, most joyous apps ever written.” I’m the product lead, and happy to answer any questions ya have. Looking forward to seeing folks’ great stories!
@rrhoover Yeah, that's definitely some of the inspiration. I've made those before, and it takes lots of time/skill/resources. The small businesses, non-profits, students/teachers we've been talking to wanted them but had no idea where to start. And even for pros, it's hard to iterate on a story in video; there wasn't a "sketchbook" for stories to prototype ideas to get stories better. Led us to create Voice.