Adobe Spark

Create social graphics, web stories and animated videos

Adobe Spark is a new way to create stunning social graphics, business flyers and posters, animated videos and much more! All it takes is a couple of clicks and you have a professional looking, eye-catching production! It comes with many features and a rich library of images to show your remarkable creativity!

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1 Review5.0/5
Looks cool but kind of a bummer that you can't remove the watermark if you just want to export a visual....
@brusselsregular You only need to share a design one time and the watermark is removed.
Curious to see how Spark stacks up against other Instagram posting apps like brandr, Typorama and Word Swag
Adobe Voice, Adobe Post and Adobe Slate is now "one" app with Adobe Spark. It was great apps before so I guess they still are🤔 A great new thing is that you can now create Adobe Voice videos from the web. Really nice.
Adobe Post is one of my top used apps now for my posts on Twitter/Instagram etc. It's a wonderful app and I frankly find it easier to work with than Photoshop in some cases
I have been a big fan of Adobe Voice & Post, now under the umbrella of Spark. The web interface for Spark is quite awesome. Close to the same experience as the mobile app. I use my Adobe ID for access and pulling up my projects on mobile or web is easy. Plus, Slate, which is the article writer, is much easier to work with on the web.