A palm-sized gimbal camera with all you need

Mini 3-axis, 4k/60fps, rotatable lens, wireless preview and remote control with phone through wifi
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2 Reviews5.0/5
This looks near identical to the DJI Osmo Pocket
I've backed their previous campaign: Snoppa ATOM Gimbal . They did deliver and it works well. This one looks like a well-engineered product, putting all electronics into the handle and just the optics into the moving part.
Vmate gonna be the 3 product I bought. It works very well and my kids like it very much and easy to go. At least provide me an alternative other than DJI products. Jiayou
This Vmate is a listening from the lack of Osmo Pocket. I dont know why DJI had made Osmo Pocket non-wireless device at this point 2019?? Vmate will support everything now: you can connect the iphone airpod (as voice input -- very smart design) and broadcast everything during the shoot. It's so damn good that I will pay for this surely. My Osmo Pocket can not do such thing like that thus no bluetooth connection between app and camera.