A pocket-sized 3-axis smartphone gimbal 📱

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The ATOM is the smallest 3-axis smartphone gimbal with a foldable structure, which provides great portability, rich fantastic functionality and expanded App extensions.

Nikolai Lebedovsky
  • Nikolai Lebedovsky
    Nikolai LebedovskyMaking Things Happen >>> Startup Adviser

    Price: $59 only.


    non yet.

    For $59 it's a great offer. Just pre-ordered one.

    Nikolai Lebedovsky has never used this product.
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Igityan Hayarpy
Igityan Hayarpy@igityan_hayarpy · Would you like to know my headline?
great innovation for selfie takers
Jonas Almut
Jonas Almut@jonasalmut · Maker, Designer & Traveller.
How does this differ from a selfie stick?
Félix Corroenne
Félix Corroenne@goodsceptic · Blogger
@jonasalmut Well, it's a gimbal stabilizer. Just watch the video.
Logan Boyd
Logan Boyd@mastemine · Graphic Designer and Photographer
@jonasalmut Gimbals are much more suited for shooting really fluid videography as opposed to just one off photography.
Bibhas Acharya
Bibhas Acharya@bibhas_acharya
Does this have an SDK of any sort?
Linnea Saasen
Linnea Saasen@linnea_saasen · Filmmaker and Party Game Designer
This gimbal looks really great!