A pocket-sized 3-axis smartphone gimbal 📱

The ATOM is the smallest 3-axis smartphone gimbal with a foldable structure, which provides great portability, rich fantastic functionality and expanded App extensions.

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For $59 it's a great offer. Just pre-ordered one.


Price: $59 only.


non yet.

great innovation for selfie takers
wow, it's so cute gimbal... Frankly speaking I have a Sony RX100 now and I would like to ask if this gimbal will be suitable for my camera
buddy, I'm not sure, but I guess, that there are gimbals that were made specially for your camera. You know, I became interested in your question and typed in Google "Gimbals for Sony RX100" and this is the first link that was given. I think that you can rely on this link, because, it's the first in Google, so, it's the most visited. You're welcome :) However, I guess that the price is quite high, but it's not surprising, because you have a professional camera, and, as far as I know, luxury things require luxury accessories, isn't it? :)
How does this differ from a selfie stick?
@jonasalmut Well, it's a gimbal stabilizer. Just watch the video.
@jonasalmut Gimbals are much more suited for shooting really fluid videography as opposed to just one off photography.
Does this have an SDK of any sort?
This gimbal looks really great!