Performance insights for startups and their investors.

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Welcome, @MikePreuss! Visible looks slick and very useful for many of the investors/VC's on Product Hunt (cc'ing a few @byosko, @nchirls, @joshelman, @hnshah, @alexiskold, @Noah_L). How did you come up with the idea for Visible and why are you building it?
Admittedly, I haven't had to go through that process myself but know many founders that have lamented the monthly/quarterly reporting overhead and board meetings because of the time investment it takes. Reducing/eliminating the time-suck and increasing transparency has several advantages. That said, I imagine some founders don't want to be that transparent 24/7. Have you run into this hesitation and how do you address it, @MikePreuss?
@tommoor typical Buffer. So transparent. :)
I'm a cofounder of feel free to AMA!
Thanks for having me @rrhoover! Visible was created by both founders and investors. We were either giving or getting updates via email, excel attachments, one-off survey monkey forms, etc. It all basically sucked. There was no easy way for founders to share their key info and no easy for for investors to take that info and A) get insights into it and B) use it for their own reporting purposes (LPs, Angel Groups, etc). Founders should spend their time building their companies and investors should spend their time helping those companies grow. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to key the key data to the right people. With the rise of transparency, early stage investment, syndicates, equity crowdfunding, and more we are very excited for the future. Anyone can feel free to email at mike at visible dot vc as well.