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Accept payments remotely Key in payments from your web browser with Square Virtual Terminal and get paid fast—no matter where your customers are. See every payment in one place Payments you take with Square Virtual Terminal are tracked in real time with all your other Square sales and reports. No need for extra devices With no extra hardware or apps required to take payments, you can run your business from your computer. Send digital receipts Personalize your digital receipts and Square Virtual Terminal sends them to customers—all at no extra cost.
@bentossell Nice! I wonder if this is in response to the iPhone 7 loosing it's headphone jack for the square payment dongle? Also, any word if the % of sale fee is higher than normal swipe? In my experience from the past key in via the app was a bit higher fee. It will be interesting to see if square continues to creep in the Stripe direction.
@adamleidhecker @bentossell Square had already moved from headphone to bluetooth pre iPhone 7 to support EMV and NFC: https://squareup.com/emv EMV support is now required, which might have given Square a convenient opportunity to transition to a new form factor and protect against the impending death of the headphone jack.
This is dope! :)
So you have to type in the CC number. I guess this would be good for phone orders. Additionally there is an extra 1% fee for processing creeps up quite fast.
@zlatty This is because it is considered a "Card Not Present" transaction. There is no way for the merchant to know that the customer possesses the physical card, so the card networks justify the higher processing fee by assuming a higher potential for fraud. While Square has primarily played in the local/physical realm, anyone doing e-commerce was already paying this higher rate.
@ethosventures That totally makes sense. Higher risk, higher processing cost. 👍
@zlatty Yep. Not to say that the increased risk cost is necessarily 1%. There is likely some solid profit in there for Square 🤑
is this product is available in India ?
@shubham9289 Hi Shubham, this is currently available in the US only.
@amritpa1 thanks for clarifying but I hope this will available in India soon