Team diagramming on advanced SVG editor

Real-time collaborative online diagramming tool for teams to work better together. Less emails, more effective communication. Powered by SVG, with ability to easily create diagrams or even graphics you're proud to share!

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Hey Chris, thanks for hunting Vecta. Vecta is a online diagramming tool designed for team communication and collaboration. The team has worked on it for the past 2 years to ensure it delivers the fastest and easiest team diagramming experience. Vecta is compatible within browsers and comes with an advanced SVG editor, which lets you create any drawing in high precision and extreme sharpness. We'd love to how Vecta can help you work and collaborate better :)
Great tools! A few years ago we are searching something like this everywhere but failed!! And ended up sending all graphics via email to each other))
@wishnewsky Glad that you find it useful! We were on a similar situation where we looked for easy and collaborative tool like this, this is what leads us to build Vecta to scratch our own itch and help teams like yours to work better :)
Whats the pricing for this? P.S. Your Pricing link doesn't seem to resolve
@technoid4u Sorry for the late reply. To be frank, we're still in the midst of figuring out our pricing by talking and understanding our users better. Currently we're focusing on polishing up Vecta to be bug-free and stable (hopefully!) so it's a product that worth every single penny. Our plan is to get the pricing out by the last quarter of 2018, but rest assured we'll stay freemium for casual/ basic usage and only monetize on some value-adding features :)