UXReality is AI-powered online platform for user tests on prototypes, live sites & apps both on mobile and desktop. It replaces traditional usability lab by moving tools for tracking visual attention (eye-tracking) and facial expressions (facial coding) online
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Hi Product Hunters 👋 I’m Dmitry Gaiduk, co-founder of UXReality - the solution that (whoa!) completely replaces the traditional usability lab by moving tools for tracking users' visual attention (eye-tracking) and facial expressions (facial coding) online. So, how it works. By using AI and a selfie camera of a user device, we are able to record user behavior on a website (scrolls and taps), his gaze movements, and emotional reactions (facial expressions). As a result, you get automated dashboards, individual recordings, and aggregated analysis (coming soon). We’ve built UXReality to simplify the process of switching from lab to online solutions. Here is what you can do with UXReality: Test mobile websites/apps (live), website/app prototypes, desktop website via the Chrome extension (coming soon). Run unmoderated tests and get accurate deep insights automatically or add new layers of sophisticated insights to your moderated tests (with the support of additional services for video calls). Conduct user experience tests (UX), design testing (UI), digital customer experience research (CX). UXReality provides you with more flexibility and reduces the time between setting up user testing and presenting ready for implementation insights.
@dmitry_gaiduk Hi Dmitry, great job to you and your team!
@jeffrosenblum3, thank you for the feedback!
We’ve used UXReality app and found it great. And I more than excited about this new powerful version of the product. Thanks, guys!
@illyalll, thank you for the feedback 😻 Glad to be of service to you!
This looks super promising! Looking forward to trying it out
@james_mcking, hope to meet your expectations 😉Please, contact us in case you'll have questions
Excellent product!
@juliet_bakhmut1, thank you! We did our best 💪
Great work on the updates, keep it up!