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What is Pixlr?
Pixlr is a provider of cloud-based photo editing services, delivering editing capabilities in the browsers for both consumers and companies. Pixlr provides a platform for many kinds of 3rd-party integrations.
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Pixlr tech stack

We're aware of 1 technologies that Pixlr is built with. Pixlr utilizes products like Google Tag Manager in their tech stack

Recent launches

Pixlr 2023 AI-Powered Editor
✨ Smart resize in just ONE-GO ✨ Easily generate AI-Images via text prompts ✨ Magically montage with AI Infill ✨ Create cool text layouts with Text Wrap ✨ Color-correct like a PRO ✨ Dive into diverse color tones efficiently ✨ And many more...
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Batch Editor by Pixlr
✨ Batch edit hundreds of photos in ONE-GO
✨ Apply the same effects, crop or resize hundreds of photos at one time
✨ Edit your photos with over 20 customization options
✨ Save time and effort
✨ And many more...
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