The best way to collect, rank, and act on customer feedback

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I no longer work at UserVoice - but I still use it! It's an incredibly easy (for you and your community) way to gather feedback, figure out which suggestions you should act on, and keep your customer in the loop & engaged throughout the process. If customer feedback is a pain point for you, this is definitely your tool.
Agreed - it's the best customer service solution I've found to get up and running quickly for a small-mid sized company.
If you're building the product and want to truly create customer-centric features based on actual feedback UserVoice is probably a must-have. Getting customer insight into particular parts of your product, no matter whether it's SaaS or mobile application is a must so UserVoice is probably one of the "starter-pack" tools for an online business. In picksaas, we recommend UserVoice to most "product companies".

UserVoice has been built with the teams creating products in mind, it's ability to connect users' feedback with the product development process is just great and makes it quite an essential app for each product team.


complex app for collecting customer feedback, product development planning


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