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UserTesting launches new mobile recording technology in beta

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Phil Sharp
Phil SharpMakerHiring@iamphilsharp · VP of Marketing, Front Row Education
Hi ProductHunt! Everyone here at UserTesting is thrilled to launch this in public beta today. If you have questions then just let me know :)
Zach Segal
Zach Segal@zosegal · Work @Coinbase &
We've been using UserTesting for a few years now and have found the service invaluable. We usually learn a lot from each video, and plan "UserTesting Sprints" where we'll spend a week addressing bugs and UX improvements we discover through the videos. We use analytics after we ship these improvements to determine how the UX changes affect various engagement or other metrics, and we typically notice rather large lifts. About a year ago we started to UserTest app prototypes before we shipped them to learn about how potential users will interact with the product even before it's built. With tools like Flinto or Invision, you're able to get prototypes to a stage where it behaves very similar to how an app would. This lets us learn about our product before writing a single line of code. This new product seems like a huge improvement from the current mobile screen recordings in which testers use their own video camera to record the videos - often resulting in poor video/audio quality. We can't wait to give this a try.