Card sorting for a better content and navigation structure.

#3 Product of the DayOctober 28, 2019
Good UX starts with information structure that makes sense.
Userdrive is a card sorting tool that helps you understand how users think about your content, pick up patterns and structure your content, navigation or products in a way that is intuitive to people.
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Hi everyone! I built Userdrive because I felt there is a lack of usable tools for this kind of user testing and the ones available are aimed at enterprise size businesses with a significant budget. This sort of testing is straightfoward and should be available to everyone. I'd like to see if this addresses a need that people have and if yes, I want to continue expanding on the toolset. Next up is tree testing to navigations. Userdrive is free until I gather some feedback and figure out what the right direction is for this. Any questions or feedback is extremely helpful. Thanks!
Hey @kaolti this is really cool! I created an account. I've done card-sorting before but as a Product person, I don't get to do them very often so it was a bit unclear to me why I was going through the steps. Some informational content on the home page and maybe some guidance during onboarding would have helped. It was definitely worth completing the onboarding! The aha! moment came for me when I saw the user-facing preview. I can see using this for the next features I'm working on.
@tela Thanks for trying Tela! Good tips there, will definitely look to add more support content and make onboarding nicer. Interesting you mention the product angle to this, I am actually looking into it. Do you mind me messaging you later to find more about the use case please?
@kaolti absolutely- please reach out. I’m happy to help.
@tela Thanks, appreciate it! Will be in touch!
Great job!😊 Will check it out!