London's first digital directory that is dedicated to showcasing the capital's zero-waste shops.
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The perfect marriage of form and function: 1. Form: super dope website in which the user is immediately brought into the idea being conveyed by nice visuals and simple yet functional progress. 2. Function: to raise awareness AND to DO something about it. Most environment sites simply act as echo boards, reflecting what we already know: we need to reduce waste. This one actually provides a SOLUTION: be the change you want in the world by simply shopping somewhere else. I mean how simple is that!


1. SUPER important cause: less waste. 2. AMAZING design. I mean WOW!


Please bring it to other countries! Would be glad to help!

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Spotted this on LinkedIn (of all places!) and it's good to find out that there's other zero-waste shops close to home. There's one we visit nearby but found another 2 or 3 through this. Might they go global? There's been a real trend for these shops in the UK in the last couple of years. Have added the company founders as makers but hopefully they'll add their team too.
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@stevenjmesser Super dope find @stevenjmesser ! No makers-founders are showing up yet though...
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I did add them, @john_vonroth, but don’t think they’re on PH. @niceandserious on Twitter
@stevenjmesser - do you know the maker? really like this - great find.
@thisdickie I don't know @niceandserious or anyone that works there, no. Can't quite remember how it popped up on LinkedIn!
Amazing project! I love how they communicate the problem of zero waste. And yes, design is just beautiful. Would love to see more cities and countries covered!
This is incredibly good.
Great name, the design is one of the best I've seen in a long time, the cause they support is even better. Probably not the best domain choice if they plan to expand in the future.