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User testing feedback and rich analytics in minutes

#4 Product of the DayMay 20, 2019
Putting user testing before coding, Useberry allows UI/UX pioneers, agile product managers, ingenious marketeers and restless business owners to get rich user feedback right from prototype and optimize their products while saving money, time and effort.
  • Odysseas Gp
    Odysseas Gpdesigner | director at

    ^Heatmaps ^Recordings ^User Flows A great tool for UI/UX pioneers. I will definetely suggest this to our clients. Love the redesign.


    None so far

    I wish for a Sketch Plugin. Great work

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  • James Neville
    James NevilleCEO/Founder at Citizen

    Simple to use, great for testing UX ideas & getting feedback


    Non really

    Just starting out with this - looks great so far!

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Hello everyone! 👋 So nice to see useberry featured here! Big up to @bramk for hunting down our product! We hope you like it, for it’s here to seriously untie your hands developing your next digital product. And for those who like backstage stories, this is how it all started; Developing online products for more than 10 years now, @billkirim and I have experienced what it means for all entrepreneurs, whom we had the chance to work with, to share one common critical challenge; wasting too much time and money (seriously, loads of money) on coding, only to receive user feedback that proves that their product’s “final” version is far from final after all. And then it hit us. We needed a tool to help designers and entrepreneurs test their ideas before coding, and get users’ feedback that will save them time, money and sweat. And that’s exactly what happened - useberry! A user testing tool that allows creating your own prototype on the spot or importing one from the most popular platforms (InVision, Marvel, Sketch), choosing among 5 different test types (Single Task, Multiple Tasks, Open Analytics, First Click and 5 Second) and getting rich users’ behaviour insights with heatmaps, video recordings, user flows, time bars and answers to 3 types of follow-up questions. Enough with the technical specs though; we invite you to create your free account and see yourself. Our super-perky berries and their school of test examples will guide you through anything you might need. And if you fancy our product and want to start some serious testing on your designs, we hope you enjoy the special discount offered to Product Hunt members on pro plans as well! I’d be happy to onboard you, so please feel free to shoot me with any questions! Teo.
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Get feedback for an idea of yours before developing it, rich insights in minutes and great usability! It is a great product with a FREE plan!! A killer combination!! Thank you guys @billkirim @teotokis ;)
@vasileios_mylonas Thanks Vasileios! 🙏🙏
Hello guys, I recently started using Figma to better collaborate with the team. Are you planning to offer 1-click prototype import for figma?
@foivocgp Hey Fivos, we currently offer 1-click import for Invision, Sketch and Marvel prototypes. We are currently working on integrating Figma (among other prototyping tools). Till then, you can export the screens from Figma and create a prototype within useberry, it’s super easy.
Great product @teotokis @billkirim 👏🏽
@odysseas_gp thank you!! 🙏
@odysseas_gp Thanks! 🙏
Amazing tool. Finally I'm able to test my mobile app without execute all the development. In combination with a prototyping tool it's really very valuable.
@tmoulos thank you very very much!! That's the spirit :)