USB-C adapter

$79 adapter for the new MacBook

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Chris Carella@ccarella · Product at Broadway Video Ventures
This thing is a gross, required addition :/
Eric Posen@goeric · Co-Founder & VP of Product at Naritiv
I sense a lot of Kickstarters spawning because of this port.
Evan Simoni@evsimoni · Designer
@goeric first thing I thought of was a Kickstarter that brings back Magsafe on this port
Eric Posen@goeric · Co-Founder & VP of Product at Naritiv
@evsimoni That'd be great. Like a tiny USB-C that fits flush with your laptop and the female side is a Mag-safe.
Jesse Wallace@jesse_wallace · Sr. UX Designer, Dragon Army
Where's the downvote button when you need one?
Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
@jesse_wallace Was thinking the same thing! In my mind, an up vote = down vote for this hunt
Nicolas Nemni@nicolasegosum · Software Product Manager
I would personally add $948 to the cost of the MacBook since I would lose one of these once a month.
Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Adrian Phillips@rustydingo · VP, Design
Yeah not a fan of adapters cluttering up my desk (even if it is just one). Now if Apple were to release a new 4K Thunderbolt Display in Space Grey that connects via USB-C...
@rustydingo I think this might be coming, but then there are charging limits, along with data-limits, as explained here: Maybe there'll actually be a combined Thunderbolt and USB-type-C display.
Adrian Phillips@rustydingo · VP, Design
@boettges that's a pretty thorough comment in that other thread, really helpful in understanding how this new port works. That makes sense about the power limits and probably needing more than one USB-C on future MacBook Pros (the market I'll be looking at when that product inevitably arrives.)