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#4 Product of the WeekMarch 02, 2020
Free Premium Music for Your Projects!
No Attribution Required.
Royalty Free.
Cleared for YouTube.
No Ads.
Let's create Unsplash for Music. Together.
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Hi, humbly said: I am the maker of Unminus. I’m working on it beside my job and three children - towards a dream I had 3 years ago. I am aware that "Unsplash for Music" is a very high goal and I know it's still a long way from here. Nevertheless, I believe in being able to get closer to this "together" :-) That's why I'm looking intensively for your qualified feedback like: • what are main issues to solve from your perspective? • what are basic features still to provide? • is staying "ad-free“ a must? • what are suitable paths for funding to get to the next level? ... would be so excited to get your response here. Here is a new free song special for Hunters (private link early access) https://www.unminus.com/private/... --- As a Music Artist I found out early, that Music-Copyright is not trivial. So in the beginning of Unminus I decided to give my own music away for free as I can assure the rights. Today, after some steps of improvements and contributions, I am looking for like-minded people to follow the creation of a go-to place for free premium music. I'm really looking forward to your feedback & support to maintain and extend the project while keeping it ad-free. Thanks so much. Wowa from Germany
@wowa Awesome selection and quality. Love it! Grüße aus NRW
@andrefuchs Appreciate it - thank you! Ebenso 😊✌🏽
@wowa bro u had me at "job + 3 kids" lol! 1st off, congrats! You are now the #1 Product of the day on PH, so let's change that on your home page. :) Would be good to see the tags within each track vs just having them as headers. Make the "Submit" option more visible - I almost missed it. Ad-free shmad-free. If you can make extra cash from our eyeballs, go for it. Most boot-strapping entrepreneurs won't truly care. Rock on. I'm a fan.
@stephenalan ooo yes bro - thank you! big encouragement for me - especially in the moment I got a notification of your comment paired with your great dad-picture!! 😃 - you're right - badge changed 💪🏽 - "tags within the tracks" - great idea - always have to balance - I love it so clean as possible but also understand the benefit - I'll try :) - "submit" - ok will do :) you are awesome and made my day! keep doing as a great dad and take care. thank you
This is such a nice idea :) To answer some of your questions, I don't think the service has to stay ad-free at all. The way I see it; if you successfully monetize the platform, I'll be able to continue having somewhere to go for royalty-free music. That's a win-win in my book. Secondly, the main "issue" for me is that with a new platform like yours, I don't know how I can trust that all songs have been uploaded by the actual artist and not just someone distributing tracks illegally. Is there any way you can reassure me that you have looked into the copyright of each song individually before allowing them onto the platform? :) And then lastly, a quick thought: - You might have to eventually add a second licensing type if you want to expand the catalogue more aggressively. This second licensing type could force users to credit the artist when using the song - even some tracks on YouTube's audio library sometimes have such a license. So don't be afraid to go the same route, unless it's part of your vision to only have a single licensing type.
@sune_thorsen thanks so much for your valuable feedback and your appreciation. I take your thoughts into account. Especially your 2nd point - maybe someone has some ideas what could be a way here?! If I look over to unsplash - is there such a proof for real "freeness" (except the brand itself) Thank You!
@sune_thorsen @wowa For new brands, you can make sure you are communicating straight from the artist. If artist has a verified instagram, twitter or other profile out there. Other than that, unsure how you will verify all.
Best of luck with this, I think the tagline 'Unsplash for music' is great as I instantly understood the product/service offering. There are a few annotated comments I left here on your landing page that should help improve usability - https://app.usebubbles.com/f8677... cheers!
@tom4 N🍦 Tom, thank you, great feedback, I will get all 3 points done asap. I was also thinking of a sticky header navigation and maybe endless scroll with no-footer anymore. And great tool "bubbles". have a nice day.
@tom4 bubbles is cool. What's your monetization strategy?
@wowa thanks :) Good job on resolving those issues so quickly!
Thanks for putting this out there, I'll definitely get some good use out of this! I like how clicking the artist's name will take you to their Spotify or Soundcloud page, that's a nice touch. Hopefully you can find some willing participants to contribute to this, best of luck!
@liammckay thank you Liam :-)
The idea behind "Unsplash for Music" will never work, in my opinion! It takes too much time, effort, money, and talent to create high-quality music than good photography, which you can take with your iPhone and upload that to Unsplash.
@adigold1 Interesting thought, thank you. Seems reasonable at first. But I think its even the other way round - "Unsplash for Music" will have to compete with upcoming and already existing AI-Music Services, where you get exclusive and free (flat-fee) music. Valuable Music creation will be increasingly faster as photography does. 1. Even now there are great songs on Soundcloud and even on Unminus made with the iPhone. Garageband, Logic, Ableton etc. are all getting more powerful, at the same time simpler while even growing in quality. AI will also be part of music creation in the future. 2. on the other hand I am fully on your side - for me its not about the quantity of songs, I would love to see a platform for great curated music from talented artists. But besides the amount of great photos you get on Unsplash, they did another big thing - setting a licensing standard, so nobody worries about copyright on these images today. This is a far more higher obstacle for music - but it is possible. I hope.
@adigold1 rather brash opinion, given that this model is already proven. Obviously, I disagree. Unsplash for music is necessary in the startup ecosystem. More options please!