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Niv, Thanks for hunting uCella! Great to be here. uCella is the world's first smart mailbox designed specifically for handling packages. If you shop a lot online, you will love it! It will help you receive, return, track and manage your online orders saving you time and giving you peace of mind. https://www.indiegogo.com/projec... How did I come up with this idea? Since my son was born, my wife and I had been doing most of our shopping online. Click and buy was simple but I often had to drive to the post office to pick packages and my wife kept nagging me about going home before dark to get the packages left by the front door. One day, on my way to the post office, I saw this Google self-driving car at a stop light. I thought, jeez, even cars can drive themselves now days and we still don’t have a good solution to get our packages? That’s when I started to talk to others about this problem and realized that it is a big headache for many frequent online shoppers. So in summary, I created uCella to make myself lazy and to keep my wife happy  Do let me know if you have any questions. Happy to answer and discuss! Cheers!
shouldn't this be marked as pre-release as it's an indiegogo campaign?
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Package delivery is always a mess. All my online purchases get delivered to my work office, because there's always someone to receive them. That's far from being the optimal or easiest process. My question here regards the level of safety that uCella has to offer. @momento_js How can you guarantee that my packaged inside the unfolded bag is always secure? Yes I know there are cameras and sensors, but is that enough to prevent someone to cut the bag and steal what's inside? And congrats on the video, really catchy ;)
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@dordio This is the exact same thought I had. What stops anyone from cutting the bag/container and stealing whats inside?
@dordio When I saw how the box was constructed I had the same thought, but simply putting the package out of sight is a pretty good theft deterrent. The big assumption/risk I see with this is that it asks slightly more of delivery people. What's to keep them from continuing to leave packages (or no-delivery slips) right in front of your closed and locked uCella?
@adamsigel I disagree. The simple fact that there's a (rather) huge box on the front porch, is tempting enough specially because you don't know if it's a $5 dongle or a thousand dollars laptop. But hey, maybe it's just me who wouldn't like to have an iPad or laptop in my front porch inside a "bag". The best solution, IMO, would be a contraption that would "save" the item inserted in the box to the interior of your house. But I know a system like this would require breaking the outside wall and complications arise exponentially. Curiously enough I thought that uCella worked like that when I first saw the first seconds of the GIF. @momento_js how hard would it be to change the product to something like this?
@dordio Thanks you all for the comments! The outer shield is made of strong, durable composite materials with inserts. It is definitely not something porch pirates can easily cut or tear open, grab and run. The metal chassis and framing are also very rigid. Our missions is to create a smart, good looking, easy to use and very protective product. All of the features have to work together seamlessly to give our users peace of mind.
@adamsigel @dordio great question! When we designed the product, we talked to many delivery drivers to make sure it is easy for them to operate. Actually, delivery drivers hate to leave packages by your doors step because they are liable for missing packages. During our field test, we placed a small sticker above our device to give drivers instructions on how to operation. They had no problem following them and after couple deliveries, they just go right to it.
uCella is a really cool concept. I mean, who hasn't been left frustrated after the delivery person comes back at the same time every day to deliver a package... uCella sends you a push is a smart mailbox that is secure, has cameras, and sends you a push notification whenever a package is dropped. Would love to hear more from the founder and @momento_js the CEO how you came up with the idea/design, and a little more about the product?
@nivo0o0 @momento_js this is a really cool idea and something that i think could relieve some pain in the shipping/delivery space. i'm now running through a thought process, trying to play out in my head how it might work with Shyp...seems like there's a natural fit there that could be explored somehow.
@adammarx13 @nivo0o0 we'd love to work with companies like Shyp to create a seamless experience for our customers.
As someone struggling with delivery services every time I get a parcel, this sounds freaking awesome. Unfortunately, this doesn't ship to Canada :(
@jpvalery On the roadmap ! :-)