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The community submitted 112 reviews to tell us what they like about Leave Me Alone, what Leave Me Alone can do better, and more.
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112 Reviews
Ricki リキ
Website developer.
6 reviews
You can feel how the founders really care about the product and problem being solved, and that’s great.

donny ruinard
Recruitment specialist
1 review
Dude this is literally the first time I paid for something on ProductHunt and the second time I leave a positive review. You've found that specific thing which I dreaded immensly to do but wanted to do so bad, and instead of complicated Cancel your subscription after purchasing you just ask a fee for 1 week use no extras. Amazing

Mares Popa
Frontend Engineer
5 reviews
Simple to use and straightforward app.

Matej Kukucka
CMO & Startup Founder
1 review
I don't know how I could work without LeaveMeAlone! This tool saves my time by rolling all my emails into one unified place, so I can work during the week and read newsletters in bulk without them distracting me. On top of that founders are great people and very helpful.

Product Marketing
8 reviews
It saves my inbox from a disaster! Shield helps to really control what emails I get and saves hours of my time.

Luke Chadwick
Indie Maker | https://twirrl.co
7 reviews
Inbox Shield and Leave Me Alone's other products are awesome. I have been a long time subscriber and I've enjoyed watching their products evolve. Highly recommended.

Micky Nguyen
Co-founder of Petgotchi
3 reviews
cute and practical

Dwi Pundi Hidayat
Too the moon
1 review
Sangat bagus

Gaurav Pandey
Entrepreneur, Self-taught Programmer
1 review

Tony Fabiano
Hunting products
1 review