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Now there's an Uber for X platform, from Uber!
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@chrismessina as anticipated when this went live, we've just completed the integration and Uber rush in now a building block in stamplay! Build uber rush powered apps is a few clicks away, what about writing a tutorial together?
@giuliano84 that's great! We should publish the tutorial on our developer publication. You can share a draft with me at messina at uber.com.
@chrismessina cool! you got a mail ;)
Any developer or business can now use the UberRUSH API to access Uber's logistics platform! We're super pumped to see what developers will build with this. Whether you're creating the next on-demand pizza or on-demand marketplace for drones, the UberRUSH API will help you focus on your business while we handle your logistics.
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@whoisnatelam whill this be avaliable in singapore and asia? The api is open to everyone but not avaliable in other part of the world other than US right?
@v3ss0n "UberRUSH availability is limited to San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City. Pickup locations must fall in an eligible zip codes." https://developer.uber.com/docs/... Yeah, it is not available for now elsewhere than a few big US cities.
@9uuso Los Angeles would be a great addition
@whoisnatelam very excited for this release. in many cases, this is half the price of FedEx or UPS.
Looks awesome! Congrats for the docs, as a developer so well designed and written API docs is not something you see every day πŸ‘ Looking forward to give it a try and make it available on Stamplay
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@giuliano84 It really is beautiful!
Scaling delivery operations like AWS servers. You guys are solving really hard problems there...
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BIG move. This has been in beta for some time. Which companies/use cases are most interesting so far, @chrismessina @whoisnatelam?
@rrhoover Great question. I think any of the partners we featured on the video above have found a lot of success with the API (Pythagoras, Dryv, Ando, Mealmade, Up Sonder). These are only some of the on-demand businesses that we're working with. We've partnered with enterprise companies as well such as Nordstrom, 1800flowers, Harris Teeter, and Walmart just to name a few.
@rrhoover @chrismessina @whoisnatelam We've been using UberRUSH at http://mealmade.com since the beginning of the year and LOVE it. We call it our "delivery fleet in the cloud". Instead of loading delivery cars with pre-made meals, we can actually cook to order and there's always a courier a few minutes away ready to pickup and deliver. It's pretty incredible.