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#5 Product of the DayOctober 14, 2015
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We're super pumped to present UberRUSH, your on-demand delivery network! With UberRUSH, business owners can now use the same technology that powers Uber, to get customers pretty much anything in minutes. Read more here: http://newsroom.uber.com/2015/10...
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@swathyprithivi Are you going to be creating a "consumer facing" side of this, allowing users to order from local stores within an Uber app - if so will you be processing payments for this? Or are you simply focused on providing the infrastructure to allow local stores to "deliver" using UberRUSH through traditional means of sale (e.g Shopify, Bloomnet ect...)?
something tells me this is a tactical "decline to comment" kinda of situation :p
Nice work, @swathypithivi and team. I think everyone saw this coming. There are so many "Uber for X" startups (see this collection) and it appears that Uber is becoming the Uber for everything. You obviously have a well recognized brand name and logistical infrastructure to execute on-demand deliveries but what's your hardest challenge? Also, you when is UberEATS coming to San Francisco!? 😊 cc @suzywillow
@rrhoover Oh, ok, so it seems what I was describing already exists, my bad :D
@rrhoover EATS is already in San Francisco
@mulligan oh, wow. I missed that. All credibility lost.
@rrhoover throw in the towel
@mulligan @rrhoover We also just launched in Paris today for UberEATS :)
delivery.com is proud to partner with UberRUSH to provide on-demand ordering and delivery for local merchants. http://www.delivery.com
@mr_davis Likewise! It's great to have fantastic partners like delivery.com :)
@whoisnatelam @mr_davis is there a plan to provide API to allow developers to integrate this into their apps?
Sounds great :) An idea for expanding it more: some restaurants allow to buy takeaway meals, but do not provide delivery services. What about using Uber to allow customers to order deliveries for those restaurants, without even having to have a deal with restaurant in question?
This is the result of incredible hard work from the RUSH Team. Very exciting to see it launch! This pace of innovation continues to inspire me.