On-demand food delivery via Uber, now launching in NYC

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There are so many startups following Uber's on-demand model but will Uber ultimately be the "Uber for X"?
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@rrhoover I wonder how a company like Caviar feels in this instance with smaller, new startups such as Maple and larger behemoths like Uber both cutting away at market share simultaneously....
@andythegiant Yup! We're working on better segmentation of this, along with some nice changes to the posting flow.
@rrhoover depends where the core differentiation is and if having <10-15min 'delivery ETA' key. For someone like Sprig, Munchery, Caivar this move should certainly be concerning; for someone like Homejoy, Shyp - not much.
@rrhoover Very curious to see what it's like from the driver's perspective e.g. if they get to pick between a delivery vs person right now? It'd be interesting if Uber has already started abstracting away transporting people to being the uber for x. Anyone competing on speed or pricing will need to really start focusing on user experience and differentiation...
Very curious to see how Uber will impact the on demand food delivery business - it's crazy to see how it can launch a "new" vertical overnight with its solid infrastructure, built-in audience and marketing reach.
I'm excited to give this a try. So many companies are debundling their apps, but I really like Uber's approach where their app is a one-stop shop and uses the same feature base for no matter what you want delivered. It also allows them to quickly ramp up quick tests of new products or one-day promotions without having to re-train or acquire users.
@kenromano agreed. I also like the 1 vendor a day approach at launch.
@rrhoover Have you guys thought about maybe segmenting PH into "New Products" and "Updates to Products" sections? I noticed the feed is already split into "featured" and "upcoming". Posts like this are very useful to me because I live in NYC, but for everyone else, I feel that a new post for every new city that a big product enters will clutter the feed with things not relevant to them. This way, users can be sure that the primary feed they see is made up of entirely new products, which is what Product Hunt is all about.
@rrhoover @ghobs91 This is a essentially new product (food delivery vs. taxi – very different), so it shouldn't be penalized just b/c it's not also a new company.
@rrhoover @philfreo It's been posted before back when it was called UberFRESH: http://www.producthunt.com/posts... I'm all for new products from the same company, I was referring more to the same product being posted but with new locations.
Used this in LA for the last couple months and it's pretty amazing. While other delivery services take 30-60min, Uber is there in less than 10. They've also done a good job to partner with quality restaurants so the extra $$ you spend feels justifiable.
@philboscarino time is money!
@philboscarino This is definitely the biggest plus over other delivery services. On several occasions I have seen "delivered in 50-60" minutes and changed my mind about ordering.
@chris_hendel Totally. Did postmates one time and an hour later I wasn't even hungry. Would have been more convenient for me to walk on my bike and ride to the store. With Uber it really is convenient.