Uber Wedding

Say "I Do" with Uber

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As much of a joke as this seems, I love when Uber does promotions like this. My favorite so far was the motorcade of black cars when Obama was in town.
http://techcrunch.com/2014/06/26... TechCrunch is very against it ("turning gay marriage into a marking stunt"). I agree that it could be taken in a bad way (after all, the gay rights movement is all about how *important* marriage is), however I don't think they meant to commoditize marriage. Rather, I think the thought process was closer to this: 1) We want to support gay marriage! 2) We're an on-demand service! 3) Let's do marriages on-demand! It doesn't seem offensive when you split it up like that, however I suppose it could seem offensive if you put them together (or more importantly, have 3,000 words to fill by Friday)
@gkoberger Sadly, it seems like the author (editor?) came down with a case of HHS (Hyperbolic Headline Syndrome). I didn't see anything past the first few words that mention gay marriage. I wouldn't be surprised if it started as a general "this cheapens marriage" (which I agree with) and got twisted with click-bait at the last minute). As @sean_a_rose said: "UberDivorces probably has a larger market tbh"
@staringispolite LOL on uber divorces. @gkoberger i'm kind of intrigued by the idea, and don't see it as _necessarily_ "disrespecting" the institution of marriage, but i'd be curious to hear other opinions.
@eriktorenberg Dude you should get in touch with Uber. Rap battle disses (or hype man) on demand!
@staringispolite lol! DRIVE BY!!!!!!!!
@eriktorenberg Drive by! Rap battle! Snide comment, snap-addled. Rhymes like a gat hit you, cryin while they laugh at you Need a crew to back you too? Uber, holla at me dude