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Chris Messinaย โ€” ๐Ÿ† PH Community Member of the Year!
Excited to already have contributed to my first Uber Developer Platform launch at Uber! This new API elevates the kind of contextual awareness app makers can have to Uber riders and provide them with customized, relevant experiences based on their pickup and destination and how much (free) time they have (ETA).

More on the blog: https://newsroom.uber.com/trip-e...
Ben Tossellย โ€” Community Lead, Product Hunt
@chrismessina such a cool idea!

Awesome to see you with an impact already (expected, obviously)

Where can you see this going?

What about pre-arranged experiences? Two random people have Sat afternoon free, take them somewhere.... then, Tinder + Uber = On-Demand Wedding.
Chris Messinaย โ€” ๐Ÿ† PH Community Member of the Year!
Thanks @bentossell! It's kind of insane that after literally my first week at Uber I was able to jump in and contribute to this launch, which, to be clear, was already in the works by fine folks like @chrissaad, @noonism, @dmitry140, and @SaraIttelson before I arrived. I just helped with the naming and launch deck. :)

That said, it's this (and other secret things that are planned!) that convinced me to join Uber, and inspired my post about joining Uber. Specifically, when I said "Uber exists at the beginning of the inevitable shift from an internet experienced on screens to an internet that is present in and connects the everyday things that are all around us." I was thinking of something like Trip Experiences, which makes use of contextual information about what you're up to (or about to be!) (i.e. going to the movies, or going to a restaurant, etc) to bring you more relevant information and experiences than can be done by merely knowing where your phone is.

We've outlined some of the app ideas we think are promising in our blog:

Entertainment: 10 minute playlists for a 10 minute trip

News: A five minute news update for a five minute trip

Local Guides: Insights and offers at your destination

Your home: Turn on the heating when youโ€™re headed home

Of course, all of these experiences presume that the rider is in complete control. They need to first give permission before any app can connect to Uber and access their trip details. And, as you'd expect, they can then turn off these experiences on an app by app basis.

We think that this kind of specific contextual information โ€” as a category โ€” will help makes apps and notifications more useful, more relevant, and more interesting. So beyond the examples enumerated here, I'm excited to hear what other folks are interested in building!
Jim Cantoย โ€” Freedom hunter. Citizen dev. Solopreneur
@bentossell ...you had me until the whole "wedding" thing. ๐Ÿ˜จ๐Ÿ˜ @chrismessina
Philip Kuklisย โ€” Co-Founder, Hubble
@chrismessina Awesome job! I think this will be a true game changer on how we connect with everyday things around us, as you said. Definitely needs more love from the PH community :)
Ben Tossellย โ€” Community Lead, Product Hunt
@jimcanto hahaha.
Jim Cantoย โ€” Freedom hunter. Citizen dev. Solopreneur
@chrismessina Really interesting, Chris. And congrats to Uber...they're lucky to have you. Personally, I don't keep location on on my phone. Partly for privacy and mostly for power conservation. Any thoughts?

Also, I love the Playlist idea...and I'd bet short movies/episodes will naturally become a thing. But what do you think about the possibility of short accredited courses... Uber-U? New meaning to "commuting to school?"
Chris Saadย โ€” Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform
@jimcanto @chrismessina Interesting thing is that you don't need to have location services on for this to work. If you're on a trip with Uber and you've authed an app it can still use your trip context to give you unique trip experiences.
Chris Messinaย โ€” ๐Ÿ† PH Community Member of the Year!
@chrissaad Uber works without location services?? TIL!

But yeah, I think the general trend towards apps being more aware /sensitive / responsive to your context is a productive direction.

I also โค๏ธ the idea of bite-sized courses for Uber riders.
Michael Sitverย โ€” Curator @ Morning Short, Commute Kit
@chrismessina Congrats on the launch. I sent you a few lingering questions/comments.
Aurรฉlien Facheย โ€” Enhanced Reality designer
@chrismessina about Trip Experiences: Does Uber plan to provide virtual reality headsets? e.g. to visit Paris during the 60s
Chris Messinaย โ€” ๐Ÿ† PH Community Member of the Year!
@mathemagie great idea! No plans that I know of โ€” but an intrepid developer should pursue it!
Marshall Kirkpatrickย โ€” founder, Little Bird
That's pretty awesome. I've heard about car manufacturers strategizing about how to become entertainment platforms once their cars are autonomous and passengers are looking for something to do.
Chris Saadย โ€” Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform
@marshallk The most important in car entertainment system is the one in your hand
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