Uber Movement

Access to anonymized data from over 2 billion Uber trips

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Steven RueterDeveloper
I think I heard about this on NPR a few weeks back. This is an absolute gift for data scientists. Awesome.
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Allan YarmulnikMobile lead, Talkspace
Curious if theres any weakness in the granularity of the anonymized data to be able to reverse engineer specific houses/addresses in less populated areas?
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Benjamin LuptonFounder, Bevry
@allany888 in most Australian cities and all suburban areas apartments are rare, so unless they fudge the radius of start and finish areas, I don't think it is that anonymous in such areas… > How is Uber Movement preserving the privacy of Uber riders and drivers? Preserving rider and driver privacy is our #1 priority. All data is anonymized and aggregated to ensure no personally identifiable information or user behavior can be surfaced through the Movement tool. Fortunately seems they don't provide pathways for individual journeys. Maybe they don't provide pathways at all?
Jack SmithPreviously co-founded Vungle & Shyp
wow, what an incredible idea
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Kevin SiskarHost of the Ambition Today podcast.
This is brilliant. Especially for the cities Uber still is not in, such as all of New York State outside NYC. Great way to convince them of the added benefit of having Uber in their city.
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@thesiskar A great Trojan horse!
Matthew HelbigVideo Content as a Service
@chrismessina can we please do some data visualization with this?
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