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I don't know how I feel about this...why? Because a good friend of mine barely makes a living off of Uber that's why. Uber drivers are making on average like $2.50 an hour! Uber cut pay to their drivers in over 100 cities. Some cities were cut by 45%. That is a brutal demotion for many people that have stellar ratings. https://newsroom.uber.com/beatin... Uber has cut pay to drivers in Detroit to #24cents a mile and 24 cents a minute. That is crazy low. Uber is paying some of their workforce less than minimum wages for their shifts. This is a big issue because 45% of drivers have families and 48% of all driving work is done by full time drivers. Imagine telling your kids right now you're going to get paid $2.50 an hour....telling your wife! Hundreds of thousands have been offered an Uber car loan that now is up to 2x as difficult to pay off Uber has increased their take of the pie by up to 130% while cutting rates to drivers by up to 45%. There have been no reported cuts in the amount of income Uber continues to bring in. http://uberpeople.net/threads/ub... "Just saw this Facebook ad. Earn serious Mulah my ass lol. I'm sure a ton of new drivers will sign up for this lol" I know we're not drivers so we don't have to care about this we also live in one of the most expensive cities on planet earth so we don't have to care about this...but some of these people have kids they have expenses many of which have been grievously incurred because of uber and their intentional dismay and grossly manipulative practices toward the very people that are making them billions in perceived value...employees at Uber corporate aren't suffering this badly, I'm sure Travlis is still a billionaire 100 times over. All I would ask is before we all get overly excited we take even 30 seconds to also address these very real issues for other human beings that are the ones that drive you around.
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@nicholassheriff completely agree with your pov here there is "us" as customers and "us" as society needs to keep in balance
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@andreasklinger Yeah the only reason why I mentioned anything Andreas is because I saw 20 something comments wow their is a great discussion about what uber is doing right and the not so comfortable to talk about practices that need to change and be address that can only be changed if a discussion takes place that their even is an issue....anyone reading this would not have any idea that any of what I mentioned that can be verified, by googling and talking to your own driver is true. I like balance if just one person mentioned this I wouldn't have said anything but if Uber could have their way drivers literally would get paid $1 a year. Like what do you call 24 cents a mile? Ubers cut keeps swelling. Travis is a billionaire he's now worth $6.3 billion dollars oh wait he might have made $6.3 billion dollars driving for uber I guess.
@nicholassheriff yes true. problem is that on a bigger arc that this is true for any kind of company that doesnt need specially trained workers for their tasks. especially "on demand jobs". labor becoming a commodity is a huge risk. i dont think this is a special thing for uber - they are just more aggressive about it. As society we are kinda learning how to manage this - similar to how we did with normal employments (union, worker rights etc)
@nicholassheriff I think they're hoping they'll have a fleet of self-driving cars before they are held responsible to the drivers who make them ALL of their money. I wonder if it would be possible for there to be a mass exodus of Uber drivers to some other rideshare service. Maybe Lyft?
@andreasklinger I completely disagree...because they're is a great deal of choice and intention on so many basic levels coming from the people running things at corporate. I'm talking about a company that employs manipulative tactics to get people to quite minimum wage jobs, to work for them knowing that they will only make $3 an hour. I'm talking about a company that runs facebook ads saying you'll have a six figure paycheck like the one we pay our Uber corporate employees simply driving for us. A company that recently cut drivers pay in over 100 cities but travis is still a billionare, a company that has increased their take of drivers pie up to 130% while cutting the rates of drivers by 45%. you can't explain away that with socioeconomic and political economics with a company is affected by commoditization because especially with capitalism it really ties into can we treat people like slaves, not should we it's can we get away with it, you know what else is starting and has always been a bit commoditized education how much do teachers make, I know we're not drivers we can close our computer, leave product hunts app or website and this isn't an everyday issue, but this is a real issue for their community that as we know is everything to the uber experience. In America CEO's can make 300,000% more than their employees...that doesn't happen in Switzerland. This is what I'm addressing this greed really and inhuman nature when building not a special company, Uber isn't special, building any company doing absolutely anything, is it right what they are doing and can they do absolutely anything to offset this and make a change...yes their isn't a hard thing a complicated thing a really really tough thing to work on. They are continually working on ways to take more money away from drivers, their very real hard earned money, and that's someone's job at Uber. Someones job also at Uber is to work on exceptionally manipulative creatives for their invasive ads and if we say nothing they will think it's ok.....because at that point it is. Their is difference between a society and a private overvalued corporation that didn't even want it's employees to have rights ( even be called employees ) actually doing all that it can to literally undervalue it's workforce. That's all I see exceptional energy being used here to do just this that's what I'm bringing into question, meetings were held, emails were sent...things were approved people have jobs tied to all of this they get paid well, they can feed their families and drivers are getting screwed in a big way. some people aren't just jobless and homeless because of this now, they also are in debt. But we don't actually have to care about any of what I said, let me go hail an uber right now to go home. Let's demand answers use our influence to tweet, to put pressure on them, I'm a nobody uber isn't going to blink twice if I sneezed. But having a discussion like this out in the open will raise questions to onlookers about digging deeper and asking around. I'm not saying boycott uber tomorrow guys, I use uber not as much as I do and I always tip knowing this, but I don't even know if they get my tips have to ask my friend even about that now that I think about that...all I'm saying is do more with your voice...you're doing a lot with you voice when you say you're buying 30 packs. You probably got 100 other people to buy 30 packs, with that same breath you could also address issues and say I'm buying this but xyz....so people know they can't just dick people around and you'll be there as a consumer saying ha that's a ok. if it isn't ok speak up!
This is very interesting and a big thread to Lyft. Uber are experimenting with pre-selling rides. I just bought 20x rides for September at $20; enabling me to get any Uber Pool ride in SF for $2, or an Uber X for $7; with a flat rate, not being affected by surge pricing.
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@_jacksmith You should add the map picture on the site to this too... it covers a significant amount of real-estate!
@_jacksmith Not a coincidence that Lyft is openly looking for a buyer? Uber always does this when Lyft enters into any major funding round.
Seen. Bought. Just when i thought i need to break the habit of using uber all the time. Sneaky uber. sneaky!
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the new metro ticket
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This means you can go from The Embarcadero Ferry Building to Parkside Tavern in Sunset for $7 on UberX (or $2 pool), vs. the $20-26 it would typically cost. That's the same as taking the bus and way, way faster. Game changer.
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