Tulsa Remote

Get $10K, a housing stipend & co-working to work from Tulsa

Tulsa Remote is looking for builders, hustlers and change-makers. We'll provide the canvas.

You're looking for something new. We're looking for great people to join the Tulsa community.


- $10,000

- Free Desk Space

- Free Housing

- Welcoming Community

See you there!

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I considered this for a second, then I thought life is too short to live in Oklahoma.
@michaelfolling whats wrong with Oklahoma city?
Looks like Vermont is in on this as well: https://www.businessinsider.com/... Smart move. I am holding out for somewhere warmer in the winter. 😃
I wonder if this will eventually generate a new type of remote worker, who moves from city to city to keep getting these kinds of deals once the previous one has expired… 😅
@shimmb That's exactly why I believe these types of deals are bad. It's basically the same thing that Amazon did when shopping around for "HQ2" that never really came to fruition. At best, these cities might break even on tax revenue.
@chrishacken it also reminds me of what's been happening for ages with the film / CGI industry. Once one place starts offering deals, everyone else has to do the same, and then it's a race to the bottom.
@shimmb Can you have residency in multiple cities? Cause that could be pretty awesome!

Been here almost 60 years and have always wanted to leave but hav never had the opportunity. Too bad they won't pay to stay.


The money


Senator Jim Inhofe, Governor-elect Kevin Stitt

Seem to be seeing more cities take this approach as a way to bring more people in, if only I lived in the U.S 😭
@aaronoleary Hopefully we start to see more of this in London
@aaronoleary @aaron_kazah I'm looking to move to London, is there a "Londonremote.com" somewhere ?? :P