Eliminating rental deposits. Enabling access to homes.

#3 Product of the DaySeptember 11, 2017

Trustbond is a surety bond that replaces the rental deposit, unlocking your money for the things that matter to you. Trustbond uses reputation like Airbnb reviews instead of credit scores enabling more people's access. We partnered with the largest Australian insurer to give confidence to landlords. Available in Australia first.

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Hi everyone, one of the cofounders here. It has taken us over a year to build this product. We always wanted to create a way to replace credit scores with reputation and trust through Now we have started to build the verticals that make that a reality and prove the technology. Trustbond is already helping people get access to homes and the feedback from customers has been fantastic. The rental deposit is a real burden to many people and it is a paradox that a big percentage of the population are forced to apply for short term loans while they have thousands of dollars locked up. But even for people who don't need payday loans it just does not make sense to pay thousands of dollars in advance for something that might never happen. It is much better and efficient to focus on trust, and if something bad happens, then have the protection that deals with the problem when needed. Happy to answer questions and comments. Thanks for reading!
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Love it. Another use case is micro-credit. This was pioneered by Grameen Bank that provided credit based on offline social reputation. The default rate was very low because most people pride their reputations. This will get rid of payday loan sharks.
@ravsydney that's exactly correct Ravi. As we continue to build the Traity technology that powers Trustbond, we are working on more services and partnerships with financial services.
Very creative and original!

It´s simple and very useful


It´s a cool tool!


I haven´t cons yet

This is a fantastic idea with huge real-world implications. Excited to see how it evolves. Best of luck to 'ya! My lease is up in 6mo - I'll cya then ;)
@hunterhastings thanks so much! :)