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What is ZeroDown?
Pick any home for sale in the Bay Area, and ZeroDown will buy it with cash. You'll move into your ZeroDown Home fast and debt-free. You don't need a down payment. With each rent check, build up purchase-credits that can be used to buy the home later on.

ZeroDown tech stack

We're aware of 2 technologies that ZeroDown is built with. ZeroDown utilizes products like Next.js, Segment in their tech stack

Recent launches

Sherlock by ZeroDown
Sherlock is a free Chrome plugin that analyzes price trends, permit history, sale history, demographics, quality of life, healthcare access, and more for every home on sale on Zillow and Redfin.
Sherlock by ZeroDown image
Quantitative Home Buying Guide: Bay Area
We spend a lot of time thinking about the home buying process and assembling data to inform decisions. We've decided to share some of our analysis more broadly. There are 4 major sections: deal economics, schools, commuting, and quality of life.
Quantitative Home Buying Guide: Bay Area image
3 more launches

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