Troops Slack Sales Gong

The most customizable Salesforce Gong in Slack

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Hey Product Hunters! Excited to share with you our brand new Slack Sales Gong for companies that use Salesforce that want to celebrate wins with their team. Key capabilities: -Add custom filters to only show deals that meet a certain criteria -Completely customize the data that gets displayed every time your gong goes off -Create as many gongs as you want to show pipeline movement Did we mention it comes with a curated gif library? Any companies out there that want to share wins with their team, we’d love to hear you feedback! -Scott PS we have some more gated triggers we’ll be releasing to current users coming out soon. Sign up to get early access!
Reminds me of the Gong Slack has in the entrance to their office. cc @buster @CeciStalls
@rrhoover We use it to celebrate that coffee time has arrived every day at 3pm.
@buster @rrhoover I'd be all over the coffee time gong...especially if we're talking cold brew!
Wow! That's great! My team and I need to have this XD. What's your sales Gong @britton ?
@laurent_sp awesome. You can sign up at - our Gong is for onboarding new named accounts : )
This just makes so much sense for every sales team. We use it at HackerRank and everyone loves the lighthearted GIFs. The product team likes staying informed about new business coming in without feeling like they're interrupted by a 50 "reply all" congrats email.
@taylorericscott thanks Eric! I always like hearing too about how non sales teams can benefit from use cases like this!