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I work on YesGraph, which recently pivoted away from a referral recruiting product. So I know a bit about the space. There are few things I'm excited about here. First is refining the interview process down to a science. What tests correlate with successful hires? I've found coding tests to be really poor, and replaced them recently with offline or in person tasks that ideally match the job. Another thing that is exciting is around organizing the network around a firm like YC. At their scale, you need tools to help coordinate the mass of talent, to and from companies. I recently asked folks at SV Angel for referrals (disclosure: both YC and SV Angel are investors in YesGraph), but they said their network was too big to manage it. They are right. They need software at their scale, and hopefully Triplebyte can step up.
Much better UI and UX than all the other lists out there!
@prahasith_v Thank you! If you have some suggestions on how to make it even better, feel free to let me know!
@luckwi @prahasith_v definitely pretty. My only thing is the lack of international and filtering for bootstrapped but you can only do what you can do with the data you have (and I realise bootstrapped will never be in here)
Would be cool if the technologies you could filter by were extended a bit (Stripe, Mixpanel, etc)
@frankdenbow That's a good idea, we'll do that as we start collecting more data, thanks!
@harjeet @frankdenbow Sounds like a great jump in point for @stackshareio
congrats on the launch guys. @luckwi @harj : 1) where do you pull the funding data from? as for some of the companies, the funding listed was higher than listed on Crunchbase 2) where do you get the info for the founder bios and company descriptions etc? as they don't seem to match twitter or anything else. do companies manually submit these somehow?
@_jacksmith So far, we got about 2/3 of the data from the founders of the startups directly. The rest we scraped. The list should definitely be more up to date than Crunchbase as of now.
@luckwi @_jacksmith cool. and how do those founders get that information to you?
@_jacksmith Trough some direct access we gave them :) They can maintain there info themselves.
It seems like a bunch of YC startups are missing. Are these just the companies that are using TripleByte to recruit?
@alikafridi It's the startups that have publicly announced their YC funding and are still active.