A search bar for your Google docs, Dropbox, Trello & more

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Bhavesh Patel ✌️
CEO/Founder, Enigma8
Awesome! Added to my Tools for Trello collection!
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Ouriel Ohayon / CEO
i have always wanted something like that. searching in Google drive in particular is a pain and requires too many clicks. i used to love Cloudmagic tool bar, i wish it was doing exactly the same thing and providing the same experience specially on phone. but this is a good start
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I've been using this tool for over a month now. It's really great to access quickly all the web apps that you use on a daily basis. I especially use it to access directly Google Drive files. It saves me at least several minutes per day. Highly recommended
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Ed Moyse
Been beta testing the gmail plugin for a while - makes it super easy to find and attach files whether they're saved Dropbox/Google Docs :)
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DanCo-Founder & CEO, Veromuse
Looked useful in the tour, extremely slow when try to actually used. I actually uninstalled it already. Going to stick with: and:
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Alan Nichol
Co-founder at @Rasa_HQ
@danjfein Hi! Thanks for checking out the product. Our servers are under very heavy load at the moment (we hadn't planned for PH!) but we're doing all we can to get back those lightning-fast response times :)
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