Fully autonomous robot suitcase

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I can't have a dog at my apartment... I feel like this could be a really sad substitute...
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@katesegrin well, at least it wouldn't poop and pee everywhere.
@rrhoover hahaha great point. Just the smallest bit less cuddly though...
@katesegrin @rrhoover Put a blanket on it? Lifehack of the century.
@rrhoover you don't that for sure do you Ryan
It looks like it performs beautifully on the perfectly flat surfaces that cover all your real world traveling situations.
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@coreyo also in a perfectly deserted airport. As they always are.
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@andreasduess @coreyo Flat-surfaced, empty airports, with walking speed limits of 0.5mph.
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Look down to your right, awesome self moving suitcase. Checks back 2 mins later, it's gone.
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Problems I didn't even know I had
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There are literally people starving in the world and we're busy making this. FFS. Silicon Valley get your act together.
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@robjbye That's a pointless argument. There is almost zero correlation between slow autonomous suitcases and poverty. Just leave the market to kill it if it sucks and its creators will try something different. If feeding the poor was extremely profitable there'd be no poor people, the rest is just supply and demand. ✌️