Nate Smoyer
Nate Smoyer reviewedTransistor.fmAll the tools you need to build & grow your podcast 🎙️

Easy to get started, clean layouts, options to customize if you know a thing or two.


Blame it on the ignorance, but I don't have any gripes about Transistor at the moment.

Been a user now for a little more than a month. Officially launching my podcast on Transistor today ( This is the hosting solution I knew I wanted even before I saw the product. So actually getting what I wanted at a really good price is a no brainer. Especially since I'm not a professional podcaster and I needed a simple solution that wouldn't demand a lot of skill to use. It was like Justin had somehow looked into my mind and to see my thoughts and then created the product around that.

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Julien Grandjean
Julien Grandjean@julienidayit · CEO, iDAYit
I want to try, but I don't want to let my credit card print on the trial.