Transcribe any audio/video to text in minutes

Transcriber β€” speech recognition service that allows you to transcribe any audio/video into text in minutes.

Affordable prices and high speed, high accuracy rate (96%), telegram chat-bot for quick and easy transcriptions.

For users from Product Hunt special offer: +3 hours for transcription FOR FREE.

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14 Reviews4.2/5
Haha, nice glasshole kitty illustration. 😸
@rrhoover we thought it would fit perfectly here :)

Used this product several times to transcribe my user-interviews, it was quite smooth experience. Nice instrument to boost discovery stage for products.

Timestamp feature is cool when your recognition isn't perfect – I use that to store and prioritize my users' feedbacks and feature-requests together with airtable.


– Cheapest solution I've found

– Easy to use (telegram-bot is amazing!)

– Nice and powerful editor


– Recognitions aren't perfect everytime

Thanks for your feedback, Viktor! Recognitions are higly depend on a quiality of the audio and we constantly improving speech recognition by continuing educating the neural network
Hello PH people, I'm with Zpoken Transcriber here. Thank you very much for stopping by and checking out our product. Special thanks to @riaface for posting the Zpoken Transcriber :) So Zpoken Transcriber is a solution that makes speech-to-text transcription easy like never before. You just put a file and receive the result. Simple as that. To make it even more easy we have created a bot ( for Telegram users. So you just upload the file into the bot and the transcription is ready in seconds. Transcriber is fast and one of the most affordable solutions on market. Some advantages of the Zpoken Transcriber: 1. One of the most affordable prices for recognition Thanks to our own developed STT neural network, prices for speech recognition are less than competitors. Starts from $0.05/min. 2. Fast recognition Zpoken STT neural network allows parallelizing recognition streams, which, as a result, speeds the system up to 3 times. 3. High accuracy rate Continuous improvement of language models and retraining of neural networks allowed us to reach 96% accuracy rate. 4. User-friendly interface Easy to transcribe, collect, organize, edit and save audio. 5. Telegram chat-bot ( Send files, audio messages and YouTube links to Telegram chatbot and receive transcription into a bot and at the personal dashboard. 6. Zpoken also provides speech recognition API. Interested in using Zpoken speech-to-text API for your product or service? Just contact us: Your feedback on usability and accuracy are highly appreciated!
@riaface @zpoken @thisisanton I tried signing up and its not working :( Such a bummer..
just about to dive into some video production for marketing, happy this product caught my eye, will definitely need it!
Visited your website for more info and saw this message "Transcriber launched on Product Hunt. For users from Product Hunt special offer: +3 hours for transcription FOR FREE." However, when I click on the "Check It Out" button it takes me back to a general Product Hunt page. How do I access the offer you posted?
Hi, @mikeraymarketer. Just follow this link and sign up to get +3 hours for transcription.