Easily document and delegate to scale your business

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Build the complete how-to guide for your business and put all of your policies, processes, roles and responsibilities in one, searchable place. Onboard and train team members, ensure consistency, and quickly scale what works!

  • Beth Cochran
    Beth CochranCo-founder, Wired PR

    Intuitive and easy to navigate. Love having all processes in one place.


    None that I've come across yet.

    My team actually geeked out over using Trainual. I had no idea how much they wanted to have our processes documented and in on centralized place. They've even started to create a few of their own.

    Beth Cochran has used this product for one month.
  • Ryan Naylor
    Ryan NaylorCEO,

    Perfect for HR onboarding


    None as of yet

    Perfect tool for that growing company to self-build documentation of company or industry specific processes. We see a lot of companies struggling with creating clear on-boarding processes. This can simplify and help answer all those problems.

    Ryan Naylor has used this product for one week.
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Russ Perry
Russ PerryHiring@russperry · Founder, Design Pickle
Essential to our teams training. Congrats Trainual! We literally could not hire without this product.
Chris Ronzio
Chris RonzioMaker@chrisronzio · Founder, Trainual
Thank you to everyone for checking out Trainual! I'd love to answer any questions that you have about the product or our vision for the company. We built this for all the businesses that care about systems and have read something like the E-Myth or Traction or Scaling Up, but found their policies and processes scattered in a dozen Google Docs or Dropbox folders. Trainual is one place to describe every how-to in your business. Whether you want to sell your company, scale easier, or hand off the day to day responsibilities, it all starts with documenting what you do. Me and my team are OCD, and hopefully is shows through in the product. If you're interested in seeing more, it's free to sign up and try out!
Thanks for hunting, guys! What inspired you to build this product? @chrisronzio @ckrisay
Chris Ronzio
Chris RonzioMaker@chrisronzio · Founder, Trainual
@ckrisay @afanasiy Hey Afanasiy! The concept for Trainual came from working with so many small businesses that wanted "Standard Operating Procedures" for their companies, but the best they could do was a few dozen Google docs. We saw a big space between those simple docs and more enterprise learning/training systems. All companies need a simple way to write down and describe their step-by-step processes, but most small businesses don't need a full fledged "learning platform". So, we set out to build a simple tool that was an upgrade to the paper manual. With Trainual, you can put everything from your basic handbook policies and employee on-boarding to more role-specific or software training in one, searchable place. Easy to read, easy to update. We've had over a thousand users on the platform for a few years before sharing it publicly, and now we're really excited to launch this new public version! Thanks so much, I'm happy to answer any other questions that you have. :)
@ckrisay @chrisronzio thank you! Good luck, guys!
Pavel Tantsiura
Pavel Tantsiura@pasha_tantsiura · Head of PMO MasterofCode Global
Great product @chrisronzio! Since your platform will create a database of compliance docs, you might consider creating a chatbot which can access database and answer user questions about any process in the company. Just a thought that another type of UI(conversational) might be useful for some customers. Especially if company uses internal tool for communications (f.e. Slack or Workplace)
Chris Ronzio
Chris RonzioMaker@chrisronzio · Founder, Trainual
@pasha_tantsiura Hi Pavel! Yes, nice idea. We’ve thought about chat bots for new account setup and assisting with writing processes. The idea is to help entrepreneurs “get their business out of their brain”, and chat bots would be a great way to capture that tribal knowledge, so I hope to move that way soon.
Chrissy Schmitzer
Chrissy Schmitzer@chrissy_schmitzer · People Ops Manager, Valore Partners
Cool product! I work in HR and think this could be perfect for new employee on-boarding. What kind of reporting is included so we can track progress?
Chris Ronzio
Chris RonzioMaker@chrisronzio · Founder, Trainual
@chrissy_schmitzer Yes, absolutely! You can view reports by employee, by subject, by topic, etc. Every action is tracked on both the user profile and the admin dashboard, and you can download CSV's of reports anytime. Consistent on-boarding is a big benefit, I'd love to share more with you anytime :)
Jonathan Ronzio
Jonathan RonzioMaker@jonathanronzio · Founder, Explore Inspired
@chrissy_schmitzer It's funny when you start getting people using the tool in cool new ways for use cases you didn't think about! And while onboarding and training was always a sweet spot we knew Trainual was perfect for, one of the early companies on the system started going one layer deeper in the onboarding onion and used Trainual to build content that would screen prospective employees. They would send a group of potential new hires a Trainual module and give them a certain amount of time to read/watch and then test retention to make sure anyone they hired could learn fast. In doing that they cut onboarding & training time from months to weeks!