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Thanks for the hunt @writerpollock! We're really excited about this! We wrote about the motivation behind the game on our blog: http://stackshare.io/posts/intro.... This was an idea from a StackShare user, (hey hey @alexissantos!), who decided to build something using our API. We fell in love with the game he built (I spent 45 minutes playing it when I first saw it!). So we rebuilt it and are now launching it as a product. @timchunght led the charge on making the game- we now call him Tim The Tool Man. We’d love your feedback! P.S. My current score: 82 points! @glenngillen I’m coming for you!
What time is it? Tool Time (for developer tools). Even as a non-technical founder, I love this. I'm already at 17 points - my lucky number. See if you can beat me on developer tool knowledge.
23 points
Great platform and team. The game is very cool and addictive - I learned a lot actually with all of my (mostly) wrong answers!
Very cool, but consider cleaning up your console messaging. As someone who works on an assessment platform for an education company, seeing objects in the browser console with {message: 'Sorry, wrong answer'} gives me anxiety. :D Great UX!
@daniel_lourenco fixed! Good catch :)
Great, clean design and UX! Hope you guys add new quizes biweekly