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We spent a lot of time making all kinds of features for our news curation app, Inside, but the numbers kept saying the same thing: people just wanted to quickly browse the top news. So we made a simple, streamlined app called TL;DR to just give you the news right f*cking now, with conversational, jokey headlines to make it fun to read. Take a look. Would love some thoughts and feedback.
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@jason Love this - installed already!
@clarkvalberg @jason thanks pal... means a lot coming from the product expert who built the product we built TLDR in!!!!!! I think you just ripped a hole in the space-time-product continuum!!!
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@jason you nailed it!
@jason this is awesome! been a subscriber of the launch ticker for a while. Looking forward to reading the news that way as well!
@jason Nic work Jason and @raydawg88! This is great and glad I got to see how fast you built it at Launch Scale last week. Love the simplicity of it.
I haven't even checked out the product yet (I will a bit later today) but my favorite part is that @jason stayed up to post this himself and then hang out to answer comments. You've had your f'u money exit + worth an additional 10s if not 100s of millions on the Uber deal. And yet still hungry for product feedback and engagement with users. Respect.
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@mishachellam i'm in it for the Hunt comments..... always! can i interest you in the LAUNCH Incubator or This Week in Startups while we're at it?!?! #hustle #neversleeps
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@jason @mishachellam I'd take him up on that offer for sure. TWIS is something you need to be watching/listening to.
I love the branding on this. Who ever came up with the TL;DR as part of the branding deserves a lunch of sushi on @jason
@pvptowers oh great.... costing me money now! thanks!!!! :-p
@jason hahaha you love sushi so at least you will get a lunch out of it too :-)
@pvptowers I completely agree with Paul @jason :)
@pvptowers @raydawg88 @lons thirded, i think thats a quorum.
Thanks @jason, you just ruined my productivity! Chrome extension is slick and way too effective. Would be nice if one of the top stories is automatically expanded on the top with the first few lines of the story. Makes it even more immersive when opening a new tab.
@woutervanlent so funny you mention that... I've been begging my team for the same function!!! I'm screen shoting this and sending to them!
@jason @woutervanlent Super, looking forward to it! Great podcast episode with David Sacks btw!
@woutervanlent this is a great idea, i'd be down to see this
@woutervanlent The designs for a single top story is in the works. Glad you guys confirmed the idea, cause it was a bit of a debate at the Inside office. It's a go now!
This will kill my productivity. I'm addicted to news and restrict myself to only consume it in little breaks over the day. This extension will probably kill my productivity - love it! ;) Still @jason - Any plans to integrate an on/off switch (e.g. for working hours)?
@svenle that's a great idea...... will put it on the trello board.
@svenle That's a really cool idea. We've been playing with a few toggle ideas...but time based hasn't come up. I'll add that to the list.
@raydawg88 @jason Thanks guys!!! Would be awesome. After actively testing it for a day I have to deactivate the plugin. It's too much energy to "force-focus", especially in research phases. Which means you actually did a great job with this - tempted to click an article every time I'm opening a new tab... ;)
@svenle Be sure and grab our iOS app if you're on an iPhone so you can still stay up on the news with TLDR.
@raydawg88 @svenle Will definitely do so!