Send tiny videos to friends at the push of a button


Naveed Hedayati
@naveedh · Associate Product Manager, Indeed Labs
Tried it with a friend for a couple hours. I've always wondered when a product like this would come along where voice/video/text get combined in such an intuitive way. Can't wait for Droid to come out.
Jon Levin
@jonathan_levin · Product @ Rheo. Formerly @ FB.
Really nice product! Especially liked the super smooth onboarding & invite friends flow. Gesture driven camera flip in video composer is killer too!
Pedro A. Wunderlich
@pddro · Designer, founder from Guatemala.
Thanks @bfeld for the hunt! Tinypop if a fun little experiment. A way to talk with friends ridiculously fast via tiny videos. To do this, the UX is designed around a big blue button. Hold it to record tiny videos of any length, release to send them to a bunch of friends. Tiny videos are of small file size, so they send pretty fast. This is good for mobile … See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Reminds me of Tiiny! cc @kevinrose @hemeon
@captnphilip · Sr. Designer at Apple Inc.
If this is your job application for snapchat, you're in! Good case study.