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Hello Product Hunters - I wanted to introduce you to our first experiment, an app that’s launching today called Tiiny. Tiiny is quick way to share little (212x212) photos and videos with friends. But why? At first glance the idea of tiny pictures (that you can’t enlarge) sounds ridiculous. The world doesn’t need yet another photo sharing app. Even if it did, why tiny photos? Let me explain. When you have a small disposable photo you relax a little. All of a sudden it’s not about applying filters or making sure you get the perfect pose, it’s about rapidly blasting out a handful of fun pics and videos instantaneously. Sharing those little moments in your life that get lost. Those moments that are silly, fleeting, imperfect. Those snippets of life that represent our unguarded, most expressive selves. We hope you’ll join us on Tiiny and share a photo or two. It’s fun and simple, just three main screens — we said no to features a lot more than we said yes. Maybe it will lead to something larger, or maybe not. With North our goal is to fail fast, to launch a new project every few months. This is one of many to come. Have any questions? Ask them below! Thanks.
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@kevinrose anybody even heard of this guy? ;) Good to see you making stuff again Kev. #bringdiggnationback
@kevinrose I love the idea of disappearing photos, but I'm not sure I like the small part. I can understand why you'd want to make certain photos disappear, but why not make them regular size?
@kevinrose - when we first met up ~4 months ago, I could tell you were itching to get back into building something yourself. It wasn't a surprise when I heard the announcement about NORTH. You mention that you're experimenting with many different ideas at once (sounds a lot like Milk from a few years back). How do you decide what to work on and how do you know when it's time to kill a project or push forward with it? Do you have success/failure defined for little ol' Tiiny?
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@kevinrose we found a small bug, while showing you people to follow, when you choose someone, it switches from a follow icon to a check mark. However, if you keep scrolling and that row goes off screen, then scroll back, it's not a check mark anymore. It's not restoring the row state. Looks cool otherwise.
@arjunsethi I posted this mate. Read the comments! :) @rrhoover we need down votes! Haha...
@alexhorre @rrhoover. I agree. Alex, thats what happens when you stay up late trying to purchase an iphone 6.
@arjunsethi I'm with you, Arj. Nice tiiny selfie, btw.
Fun little app. Initial thoughts: 1. The shared grid makes you feel part of a community. This is unlike most other apps which have a stream showing only one photo at a time. 2. I think you can leverage this even further by also having a screen that shows "nearby" photos/videos in a similar grid. (Similar to Color perhaps, which I always thought was an amazing concept.) 3. I'd love to see hashtag support. I understand you're trying to keep things simple, but I think having hashtags or channels would enable memes to emerge. People would communicate using just photos and be able to self-organize to come up with fun little games. 4. Not all gestures are intuitive (long press, swipes, etc). Takes a while to figure out as well. 5. Love the little design details like the clouds on the mountain when checking out 'Popular', and the tongue sticking out on the smiley when you have new notifications. 6. At first I missed profile pages, but then I realized photos are going to disappear within 24 hours anyway so that makes sense. 7. I'm curious to hear more about the thought process behind the 24 hour limit. Right now I don't really see the benefits yet aside from incentivizing people to check out the app each day. Are you planning on adding additional functionality around this ephemeral aspect? 8. Curious to hear where you plan on taking this! Edit: Some more thoughts: 9. Since photos are going to disappear in 24 hours anyway, so are our likes. To me this means a like has less gravitas than on most other social networks and therefore I think it should be simpler to like a photo. For example just a single tap should do it. This probably also increases engagement because people love it when they are liked. (Tap again to unlike.) 10. It would be cool if the photos stayed at the same place and didn’t move around (except for being pushed down the bottom when new ones are inserted). This would drive home the concept of the grid being a shared space (see above) even more. As for inserting new photos you could simply add them in 3’s so nothing shifts around.
Fun app, reminds me of http://www.producthunt.com/posts.... But you guys know each other right? How'd you handle building similar apps around the same time?