Share tiny little photos that disappear after 24 hours

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Sam Soffes
@soffes · Developer & Designer
Had a really good time working on this with @kevinrose and @hemeon. Let me know if anyone has any technical questions about Tiiny!
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Kevin Rose
@kevinrose · Builder of internet things.
Hello Product Hunters - I wanted to introduce you to our first experiment, an app that’s launching today called Tiiny. Tiiny is quick way to share little (212x212) photos and videos with friends. But why? At first glance the idea of tiny pictures (that you can’t enlarge) sounds ridiculous. The world doesn’t need yet another photo sharing app. Even if it did… See more
Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
@kevinrose - when we first met up ~4 months ago, I could tell you were itching to get back into building something yourself. It wasn't a surprise when I heard the announcement about NORTH. You mention that you're experimenting with many different ideas at once (sounds a lot like Milk from a few years back). How do you decide what to work on and how do you… See more
Arjun Sethi
@arjunsethi · Co-Founder, littleinc labs
@kevinrose we found a small bug, while showing you people to follow, when you choose someone, it switches from a follow icon to a check mark. However, if you keep scrolling and that row goes off screen, then scroll back, it's not a check mark anymore. It's not restoring the row state. Looks cool otherwise.
Marc Köhlbrugge
@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
Fun little app. Initial thoughts: 1. The shared grid makes you feel part of a community. This is unlike most other apps which have a stream showing only one photo at a time. 2. I think you can leverage this even further by also having a screen that shows "nearby" photos/videos in a similar grid. (Similar to Color perhaps, which I always thought was an ama… See more
Adam Kazwell
@kaz · Product manager/observer
Fun app, reminds me of http://www.producthunt.com/posts.... But you guys know each other right? How'd you handle building similar apps around the same time?