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Thanks Jonathon for posting! Feels great being here today. Find us easily by typing www.tribe.pm in your mobile browser. Tribe is a five-month old product that we started building in Paris (bare with us as our english improves) and now work on from our new home in SF, where the four of us moved three weeks ago. We remove the pains you experience everyday on the most popular mobile messaging apps. A few inspiring teams started working on this in 2014. We want to bring freshness to the space through efficient and design-driven approaches. We've been humbled by our beta users feedback. People ages 7 to 77 have been using Tribe. Some to quickly message team members at work, others communicating with friends and family. Oh, and Snapchat? It's more a “Story” tool, right? Amazing product, but definitely not a messaging app anymore. Enjoy :)
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@cyrilpaglino This looks really cool... for some reason before I had a phone I was really into walkie-talkies and wanted to spend hundreds of £££'s on some awesome ones.... without a good use-case for them - I was a kid, so what?! Looking at the product demo it reminds me of when I lived in China and the locals using WeChat often record messages to each other instead of typing. I like this whole combo of voice/video but curious to see if there had been any thought into text addition too?
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@cyrilpaglino Really love this ! I see myself using tribe with my team and family members to have a human face to face interaction and stay in touch with them in a personal way and to update and notify as well ! Wish more people start using tribe as well . Wish you great success ! :)
I started playing with the beta a few months ago. Immediately, it reminded me of Taptalk @ogtfaber), Tiiny (cc @kevinrose, @hemeon), Cap, and a few other grid-based photo/video messengers. Some of them saw early success but none appear to have blown up. Why will Tribe work, @cyrilpaglino? cc @kevinrose, @hemeon, @dtrinh, @ogtfaber
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@rrhoover @rrhoover You're right, none has blown up yet and there might be a few reasons for that. Timing might be one of them. Behaviors are changing progressively, and people are getting used to record themselves daily. Connectivity is getting better and better and video compression even more performant. Video will rise sooner or later, but it has to be approached with the right angle and a perfect execution. (we hope ours will be the good one) As Drake said, "It ain't about who did it first, It's 'bout who did it right" :) Community is also one of the key. Ours is still small but very active and engaging since few months. Would love to hear what you guys think about our product and your experience on this market. cc @kevinrose @hemeon @dtrinh @ogtfaber :)
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@cyrilpaglino haha, love that you quoted Drake and I completely agree, timing, execution, and other unpredictable factors can lead to the success or failure of something that's been tried before.
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Been using Tribe for some time now, mainly to quickly update the rest of my team. Main advantage? Talk as you were in the room. Way faster than Slack or SMS. Keep it up guys!
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@aooout Thanks, really glad that you keep liking/using it !!
I've been on the beta test of Tribe, this app is awesome. A whole new way to communicate seamlessly with your friends & family. Congrats team 🙏
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@vincentvacher Amazing, thanks man. Let's rock it!
Been using since beta this summer, a few observations: *single tap carves out 'selfie videos messages' from an iMessage or @Snapchat, which require 3-N taps + has the distraction of content improvement/review *asynchronicity makes for a lower pressure FaceTime or a (video) voicemail, you'll actually listen to... *private groups allow for multiple sub-networks and proper, intimate 'roasting' of friends :-) TBT to Nextel, 'beep beep' HT to makers @cyrilpaglino @ldesserrey @nicolasbradier @ctcrecords and my Tribe contacts @beller @eronzano @pascalmercier @2lr @zalzally @gentlemanbasil @benrbn @rrhoover for tolerating my mug!
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@8artd Thanks a lot for your feedbacks and help since already few months ! Thanks also the amazing @beller 🙏🏻
@cyrilpaglino @8artd of course, thanks for adding to my (first) homescreen :-)