#4 Product of the DayFebruary 07, 2019

TinyNPS is a free email-based feedback tool. Brought to you by the team at Pisano ❤️

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Hi Hunters! Thanks for dropping by! This is a community project we've been working on for a while at Pisano. We were inspired by TinyLetter and how wonderfully simple it makes managing newsletters. And wanted to create a service, in the same spirit, for startups/businesses/schools/communities/non-profits that want get started with feedback management. That's why we created TinyNPS! We're committed to keeping TinyNPS 100% free, forever and we hope it'll create a ton of value for the whole community. Check it out and tell us what you think ✌️
Am I the only one who doesn't know what NPS means?
@golear Hi Gabe, NPS is a popular feedback system used across many industries. It allows you to identify who's willing to recommend your product/service and who's not. This information is useful in a large variety of ways! Check out this wikipedia article for more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ne...
@golear @mikesoylu Unless you intend to limit your leads to only those familiar with the term NPS, you should make sure that the landing page references what it is.
Salut! ⚓️ Congrats with the launch @mikesoylu @bostanemir! I've been using Tiny-NPS for a couple of days now, and I liked the idea and the way Tiny-NPS works. As Mike has mentioned in the comments, I think it's a great way for early-stage startups and non-profit organizations. Some feedback that came to my mind; - I think it'd be great to have a custom domain option. I understand you guys want to keep things simple, but maybe adding the name of the company before the "tiny-nps.com" domain can cover this issue pretty easily. - Not a big one, but it'd be nice to have an automated e-mail notification that triggers automatically when X% of my participants answer, or when X days have passed. Hoping to see more side projects coming out of Pisano, well-done guys! 🤞
@bostanemir @thisiscaglar Thanks so much for your feedback Çağlar! We'll keep you posted with updates 👍
Very cool - thanks for sharing! Every NPS tool I've used so far has been overly complicated so I love the simplicity of this. Are you planning a Zapier integration?
@mattcrail Hi Matt, glad you like TinyNPS! We're planning 2 types of integrations: One for triggering email on a per contact basis and one for post feedback hooks so you can write to external tools like Google Sheets. In the meantime, we support a number of options for importing and exporting data with csv files 👍
We've waited so long! It's just great for collecting and analyzing small-scale feedback. Great UX as well, good job guys @mikesoylu @bostanemir