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My clients love the invoices that And.co produces, mainly because of its "pay me" button that a lot of them find super convenient. It's the best freelancing productivity tool I've used so far.


It's ridiculously easy and seamless. Everything can be done in 5 clicks or less.


Since a lot of things are done for you, there isn't much room for customization, but it's a fair trade-off.

It was advertised as a free tool, and they just introduced a pro plan and limited all the features. :(


Was free for some time


UI/UX is messed up. Unstandard controls, strange navigation...

On Jan 24, 2018 they announced the app was free forever thanks to Fiverr acquiring the company. And.Co boasted to have 60,000 users and to now be free. Around Jan 31, they announced the app was now $24 monthly or $216 annually. And.Co boasted 200,000 users and claimed to now be the #1 tool, while simultaneously demanding those everyone of those 140,000 new users or so to pay or lose all but 1 client in their system. Charging for something is fine, pulling a bait and switch is not.