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#2 Product of the DayJune 16, 2016


  • Matt NIndependent Designer/Developer in LA

    Fast, easy to use, great UI and mobile app


    Nothing really

    I've tried every time-tracking/invoicing app there is for freelancers, but when I finally tried AND CO I was instantly sold!

    Both the web app and mobile app are a delight to use. They are fast and just work without any hiccups. The features are great and have helped me save a ton of time on admin work. Sending an invoice or a contract is a breeze. You also get a real, live human to ask for help! Need to invoice a client? Have a question about your taxes? Simply send a message to your CO and they will always have your back!

    Their dev team is also great! I requested a couple features and they were released within a few weeks. That showed me that the team at AND CO listen to their customers and give me confidence to use this app for the long-term.

    It's not often that I fall in love with an app. AND CO is the exception. Highly recommended.

    Matt N has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    It is so easy to use and the support is AWESOME!



    This is my new favorite app, I honestly use it every day.

    Matthew Johnson has used this product for one month.


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Leif AbrahamMakerHiring@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
Thanks @bradyoriginal for hunting AND CO! My co-founder Martin and I both turned freelance at the same time and ran against the wall of needing to find out how to set ourselves up, learning the basics of running our businesses etc. We realized there is no place to go to just sign up and be done with it. So we decided to build it. AND CO is part technology and part human. This combination let's us create an experience that takes care of you, not the other way around. If you're an executive in a full-time job, you will throw things over to your EA and whenever there is something only you can complete, it will land on your desk. This is the experience we've recreated for Freelancers. And we literally have a section called "My Desk" in the app :) You can try it for free and don't hold back with any feedback! I'm here to answer any questions! Woot Woot Everyone!
BradyHunter@bradyoriginal · Founder @ Modimize Inc.
@leifthunder Such a great tool! Glad I discovered. I had to learn the hard way, but will surely keep tabs on andCO and recommend to anyone needing it!
Leif AbrahamMakerHiring@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
@bradyoriginal Thanks Brady!
Matt Anderson@gauchomatt · CEO & Partner @ Boxfit
@leifthunder Way to kill it buddy! Good work!
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
I've been using AND CO for almost half a year - it reduced my accounting hustle to almost zero. Thank you guys!
Leif AbrahamMakerHiring@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
@damjanski Thanks Damjan!
Damjanski@damjanski · Do Something Good
Clemens Brandt@clemo · Director of Digital Operations, BBDO
What an amazing service -- I can make sure I get paid on time and all that accounting stuff is being taken care of.
Leif AbrahamMakerHiring@leifthunder · Co-founder @ANDCO, Partner @Prehype
@clemo Thanks Sir! :)
Mikkel Krøijer@mikkel_kroijer
With this I would consider going freelance again.. :-)
Saman RahmanianHiring@saman_rahmanian · Co-Founder of Roman & Managed by Q
been using and co from the early days for my consulting gigs. I love it!