Tiller Money Feeds for Google Sheets

Instantly automate any Google Sheet with your daily finances

The new Tiller Money Feeds Add-on automatically imports your daily spending, account balances, and transactions into any new or existing Google Sheet. Easily track your financial life in one place. Customize everything. Prebuilt templates get you started.
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8 Reviews5.0/5
Happy Spreadsheet Day (October 17)! The Tiller Money Feeds Add-on is a new way to automate personal finance tracking in Google Sheets. You can now connect your banks and automatically feed your daily finances into *any* new or existing Google spreadsheet. No more data entry, multiple account logins, or dealing with CSV files. It's the fastest way to track your financial life in a spreadsheet. Get started with Tiller's Foundation Template and other prebuilt sheets for budgeting, tracking spending, paying down debt, and more. Or, build your own highly customized money tracking dashboard powered by Tiller Money Feeds. It's a personal finance tool made for makers.
I started using it last week. It seems much better than any app I used before. I'm a spreadsheet junky, so having my finance in Google Sheets is a plus. Does it show each transaction on my credit card or just the total of my bill?
@thomas_schultz_wenk Hello! Tiller imports credit card data transaction by transaction. So if you spend $10.69 on your Spotify subscription with your Visa, you’ll see a $10.69 line item in Google Sheets. And your Visa's account balance will be updated in Google Sheets as well. Cheers!
@edwardshepard Oh Yes! This is what I was looking for. Thanks!
I've been using Tiller for a couple months now and it makes dealing with my finances so much easier and faster than anything else I've used before. When you have edge cases like joint accounts where you only want to track a portion of the spending, doing it yourself with a spreadsheet and Tiller is the only solution I've found.
@edwardshepard Would be cool to know if you support non-US banks on the front page. I couldn't find it actually anywhere on the site. Are banks in Europe also supported? Big fan of the idea.
@edwardshepard @luikohl Thanks Lui - yes - we're discussing how to support outside our initial focus on the US. Stay tuned!
I've used Tiller since a few months after they launched. This is the best personal finance tool on the market. The power of feeds from every major bank (due to their integration with Yodlee) plus the ability to use my own envelope-based budgeting sheet puts me in simple finance nirvana.