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With tips from product teams at Wistia, Hootsuite, Tumblr and Prodpad, this (dense) e-book will help you with: - Calculating the return on investment of a feature - Creating use-case statements - Pulling in the bigger picture - Getting those must have features into your product! Break down the barrier between product and support! If we missed any tips, we'd love to hear your thoughts.
I just downloaded this book and scanned through and it looks like a great read. I have a long support based background and am now in a more overall marketing and strategy role at a startup to I plan to read through in much more detail later today. Great job and a lot of people will benefit from this I am sure.
@robertwilliger thanks so much for the kind words Robert! πŸ’•
@sarahleeyoga what inspired you to create this ebook? :)
@alfred_lua I've worked in support for years, and could never understand why product managers didn't jump at every piece of customer feedback. I was driven by anecdotes instead of taking the time to create a more compelling picture for why specific feedback should get incorporated. After talking with Jeff from Wistia, I knew other support people had similar issues. I hope this book helps them better advocate for their customers!
@sarahleeyoga @alfred_lua as a PM who came from a support background, I'm a huge fan of everything in this ebook. I'm surprised you managed to keep it this short! Seriously well done :)