If you've ever asked yourself: 'How do I write an email that actually elicits a candidate response?' or 'Where's the proof that sourcing will help me scale faster?', you're not alone.

We analyzed data from over 135,000 sourced candidates to discover key metrics and insights that prove how sourcing can improve your overall recruiting performance.

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Julia BersinMarketing Manager, Lever

This ebook is a great resource for recruiting teams looking to uplevel their sourcing strategies!


Actionable insights on recruiting and sourcing metrics


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Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
How have you applied the lessons in your day to day @jenlwei?
Jennifer Wei
Eng @ Lever
@abadesi - Great question! I'm not super involved in recruiting/sourcing, *BUT* I reached out to our recruiting team, and here's what they said! In the report, we found that 3 emails is the magic number to get candidates to respond to your cold outreach. Because of this, when building Nurture campaigns, one of our recruiters said, " I’ve been more cognizant of making sure my second and third touch points are top-notch and deliver something new or a call to action." Another recruiter mentions that she'll have touch points come from the manager directly or have my touch points come from a few people like the manager and potential colleagues, which aligns with one of the recruiting tips in the report!
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