The Remote Life

Travel the world & work remotely with 30 interesting people


Vinish Garg
@vingar · Co-founder @In23Hours @ContentHug
Remote work is IN in 2017 and anything that takes care of travel logistics, should be welcome. Since TRL is primarily targeted at entrepreneurs (others may find it difficult to get a one-month lock-in) and since entrepreneurs love communities, I would love to see a flavor of Refuga (https://refuga.com/), or what Laurence is doing at Happy Startup School even… See more
Prashant Singh
awesome idea nicely executed !
@sumitobroi · ios developer
Seems like a great concept for freelancers to move around and get things done. will check out for sure
Virat Khutal
@viratkhutal · Twist Mobile
Amazing Idea. You guys have came up with good plan :) "Not all those who wander are lost"
@eboy · Art Director & Illustrator. Erosner.com
So cool.