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Hey everyone, Plenty has been written about UX principles and consumer design. We wanted to shine a light on great work in enterprise design. What processes and activities are most useful for designing products for people at work? The free e-book dives into real projects from cloud solutions, mobile, government, and healthcare sectors. We explore the decisions in each project with step-by-step detail. Each case study was created from thorough interviews with the designers involved. Hope all the enterprise product and UX folks find this useful!
@jerrycao_uxpin Great educational material, Jerry - thanks buddy :)
@jerrycao_uxpin BTW UXpin is a nightmare when it comes to Enterprise level wire-framing. trust me I own a pro account and stuck with it for the next year. nothing much is possible rather than making basic mobile and web wires.
@shiran_sanjeewa Hey Shiran, sorry to hear that. I'd love to help you out - email me at hello@uxpin.com and we'll take a look.
@jerrycao_uxpin @uxpin it's quite alright, I have given enough tweets + feedback to the support teams, only thing they could come up with that my old wireframes are not working with a new engine you guys had built. I had to scrape so many wireframes I've made because of that and recreate many interactions. When you lose faith you lose faith. I agree that you guys are great at speaking and writing about UX but when it comes to practise its a different story, else I wouldn't be writing here. Thanks for being nice though. I appreciate the enthusiasm :)
@shiran_sanjeewa @uxpin Thanks for letting me know Shiran - I'm talking to our CS team right now so we can figure out what's going on. The new engine shouldn't affect old designs, so I'll see if we can dive deeper with a developer.
Awesome! Another free eBook from UXPin :)
Always love the content you guys put out. I have a few here on my desk right now, actually! Just downloaded this and am excited to read it. Thanks for sharing!