Avoid procrastination, defeat distractions and expand your knowledge-building capacity with this step-by-step guide to professional development
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My favorite inspiration tool and the best startup I know, with the most kick ass team ever. And they did it again! Amazing inspirational stuff!
@kobaiko Oh you!!!1
@kobaiko So glad you liked it. You'll have to come back and tell me how you implemented the strategies and the impact it had.
Boom! Great work guys. Love the popup btw :)
@tomer_aharon The popups king love our popup? Geeze this is AMAZING!!
@tomer_aharon Thank you! We love to create a boom.
@ryabrams I'm glad you liked it. I learned quite a bit while doing the research for this one.
Fantastic roadmap! I discover amazing content gems that are in my niche on a daily basis thanks to Zest extension. This one is a hell of a gem.
@daniil_kopilevych Happy to hear this feedback, my friend! Keep on zesting and spreading the yellow love <3
@daniil_kopilevych Thanks! I'm so glad that Zest has found another way to help you gain knowledge!
You can rarely come across a guide so dense and meaningful. Every sentence leaves you thinking only to be taken by storm by the next. What a ride!
@nick_gandolfi Awesome stuff, Thanks Nick <3
@nick_gandolfi Mmmm... a storm. I like it. :)